Short Fiction

Sista Taiga

“…today we bring una one special ‘tory about one sisi for Ibadan wey den dey call orisa, den call am witch, call am devil, even call am Superwoman….”

“…na so de woman dey waka for road with new pikin for back dey sell im moi-moi, dey shout “Moi-moi gbona re!”. As people no con call am, she waka fast fast make she take reach de street wey den dey chop de moi-moi wella…”

“…one small truck wey carry many pure water bag for im back dey comot for the same street wey de aunty de go sell im moi-moi, and the road of the street no good na so so mountain and valley, sha, the truck con turn one jagajaga turn, fall yakata…”

“…dem strong uncle and bobo wey dey do correct gym for de area see de accident con dey try remove de pure water make den take remove driver make den fit comot de truck for road. Na so den con hear pikin dey cry for inside de pure water. Den con begin dey dig fast fast make den take fine de pikin wey dey cry…”

“….de no reach de pikin before de truck begin do jim jim, jim jim, con dey raise by insef. Den watch as de truck raise insef finish. Na so den con dey run wen den see wetin den see, some of de bobo even fall for ground…”

“…na de mama carry de truck for one hand like carton wey no get indomie for inside. In carry de pikin we dey cry for im other hand con push de truck throway. Den say im eye red die but no be cry she dey cry. Dem bobo say she look dem like say she fit chop dem. She con run like horse, she run far go disappear inside bush.”

“…dem no see am again. De uncle wey call our station to give us dis tory say na de world wey wan end dey make all dem devils and ogbologbo aje dey get mind dey show for street. E say make we tell una bobos wey like woman wella say make una dey try take de woman go church for deliverance before una begin dey chook unasef.”


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